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La Mamba





-Payload: 6.6lbs
-Flight Time: 4-6 Minutes
-Prop Size: 9"
-Wingspan: 2'1"

-Attributes: La Mamba is a lightweight Cinelifter capable of carrying payloads up to 6.6lbs. It has more punch and agility than any other drone in it's class. With the versatility offered by the payload headroom, La Mamba can fly a vast majority of today's Cinema Cameras. whether you're looking for Smooth Cruising or Fast and Agile Flights, La Mamba can do it all with ease.

-Payload: 3.5lbs
-Flight Time: 3-5 Minutes
-Prop Size: 6"
-Wingspan: 1'7"

-Attributes: The Whoopmaster 6" is the go to tool for flights where Safety around Soft Targets is crucial. The guarded propellor design paired with soft exterior bumpers allows this drone to be flown safely around Talent both Indoors and Outdoors, while providing a stable platform for higher end Cinema Cameras.

-Payload: 2lbs
-Flight Time: 4-7 Minutes
-Prop Size: 7"
-Wingspan: 1'11"

-Attributes: The Thicc is one the most versatile platforms on the market offering Speed and Agility with flight characteristics similar to that of a 5" Freestyle Drone. This makes Thicc a great all around option whether you're looking for that Smooth Cinematic footage or a Cinelifter that can Flip, Roll, and Dive Buildings.

GoPro FPV Rigs:





-Flight Time: 5-6 Minutes
-Prop Size: 5"
-Wingspan: 1'3'

-Attributes: Blastr is a classic 5" FPV Platform. With Buttery smooth Cinematic Footage every time, Blastr is stable, fast, and extremely agile, making it the perfect choice for just about anything. Blastr can also run Dual Gopros (One Forward and One Rear Facing) For unique tracking and leading shots.

-Flight Time: 4-5 Minutes
-Prop Size: 3"
-Wingspan: 10"

-Attributes: Squirt is an all-around workhorse. With a tiny footprint and ducted prop design, Squirt is the go-to choice for Smooth and Safe proximity flying around Soft Targets both Indoor and Outdoors.

-Flight Time: 3-4 Minutes
-Prop Size: 2.5"
-Wingspan: 7.5"

-Attributes: Cinelog is an indoor beast. Fitting in the pam of your hand, Cinelog is small enough to fly anywhere and everywhere. Be it through tiny gaps or around soft targets, Cinelog is the smallest choice while still strong enough to carry a naked gopro.

DJI Drones:


Mavic 3 CINE

-Flight Time: 46 Minutes
-4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera
-5.1K Apple Prores 422, LT, HQ


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